Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why Adopt Cats?

Why Adopt Cats?

Know that first and foremost, adopt a cat is an act of love. Every year hundreds of animals are thrown on the streets, and if they do not find an owner, usually die in less than a year, with illness, trampling, or victims of human malice.

Adopting a cat is even better than buying it. In doing so, you help to reduce the number of animals abandoned in the streets. And will be giving an example to their children and friends, encouraging them to see the animal as a living being who deserves love and respect, and not as a disposable object of consumption.

There is no better feeling in the world than to see an abandoned kitten bloom after being adopted by someone with a good heart. It's amazing how animals become, from little things sad, discouraged, and sick to healthy cats, cute and naughty.

People who have pets are happier and better adjusted. They are less prone to stress and express their feelings better. They speak with their animals when depressed and trust them all the secrets. His faithfulness and unconditional love help us to know better. Living with animals makes us human.

For children, there is no better company than a cat or dog. The pets become friends for life, bringing valuable lessons about life, respect and feelings, and increase the independence and sense of responsibility. Shy children may become more resourceful with the support of a cat or dog. Messy children can become more responsible when having to face the challenge of caring for a pet.
Aggressive children improve when live with cats

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