Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to care your cat

How to care your cat


Who has a cat always want to be sure that the meals it serves are not only tasty but also balanced to meet the nutritional needs of the animal.

That is possible with the use of specially prepared food for cats. Today, there are in the market, several complete and balanced food, which fully meet the nutritional needs of cats.

The processed foods should be introduced gradually in the diet of cats, so they become accustomed to the change in taste and texture. Fresh water should always be at the disposal of the cat, whatever the diet.

Cats differ greatly in the amount of food they need, which varies according to size, race, status and characteristics of each animal. Most cats are well adapted to control the food they eat in relation to their needs. As usually, the foods have a high acceptance, it can cause the cat to eat in excess. For this reason, it is always advisable to follow the directions on the packaging of food packages.


Most cats enjoy a bowl of milk, but some find it difficult to digest it, which may cause diarrhea. In these cases, you should reduce the amount or eliminate the milk. Make sure that your cat has fresh water available.


When in the growth phase, the kittens have greater needs of food: protein to build muscle, more calcium and phosphorus for bone development and a slew of other minerals and vitamins. Can be given food in large quantities, as well as milk.

Even when given milk to puppies, it is important that they always have fresh water available.

Remember that puppies grow very quickly and that your appetite also, this increase the need for food. It is hard to overfeed a growing puppy if meals are provided as indicated.


It is very important to give the cat a place to pee and poop. A bathroom or outdoor area is ideal for this and avoid the cat will use the house for this purpose. The chosen place should be inspected and the feces removed each day.

Cats are very clean animals and take several "baths" a day, that is, they promote their own hygiene, licking up every day. But if you need to bathe them, always use warm water, shampoo or soap and dry the hair with a towel or dryer. The food dish should be washed after feeding the cat and the washing should be done separately from the family dishes. Never use one of their own dishes for your pet.

The same should happen with the dish of milk for your cat. Make sure that the dish is always clean and always have fresh milk. The milk that is left of the food should be immediately thrown away. This way, you ensure that your pet and your family will be healthy in a healthy home.

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